Another Opening in Franky’s Team…Mine!

Ahh yes, it’s with mixed feelings (notice how people always put that in emails when someone is leaving??) that I announce my departure from the role of .NET Developer Evangelist. I still remember when I started… And my first blog post on MSDN Blogs… My first Flash editorial… And the stats aren’t bad… Days in job: 671…


Weighty Tomes!

Franky and I were talking about blog stats today, and I was commenting that my number of posts have ended up around the 10-15 per month level, and I’m struggling to get anywhere near Frank at 30-40 per month! And then Franky responded with, “It’s because you’re producing some weighty tomes!”. Well, what can I…


Mashups Are More Than Just Geek Love Children!

When you turn your mind to the mashup space, generally the wonderful world of WebAPI’s and app x’s appear in the middle eye, but something far more interesting has been gaining traction over the past 6-12 months, and that is, the business mashup! Now, a while back I spoke about the concept of brand layering,…


WebAPI is the new RSS!

Huh!? Well, I don’t mean WebAPI’s are going to replace the functionality of RSS, but certainly the need for a WebAPI on a provider model site is becoming a mandatory requirement, as did RSS for content sites. Why is this so? Well, if you think about the maturity model for content sites, and if we…


Experience Layers/Systems and the Unified OS

I’ve been closely following the Web OS movement for the past couple of months, as I’m convinced it’s evolution will lead to a richer platform experience for emerging W20 businesses. One thing that has been interesting is the trend towards zero-cost platform establishment, with companies able to deploy full features web applications into the cloud…


A Moment with Nic! Voltron, Robots and Katsu Curry!

My fellow Aussie, evangelist and Voltron fan, Nic Fillingham, has posted up a vid of the recent International Robot Olympiad on 10! But reading his post reminded me of a great conversation he, me, Joel P and Chucky had over a nice bowl of Katsu Curry, about old school toys, and our combined love of them….


My Invisible Non-Suit!

Ahh, the trials and tribulations of the great unwashed! So I’m off to a customer meeting today in the city. I happened to ride my new pushy into work today (ha ha, shiny!), and given that it is also quite hot being summer and all, I decided to stick to a nice pair of blue…


Where Is Australia’s Web Platform?

So we have a small problem in Australia today, and right now, it’s becoming a thorn in my side! The trajectory of the web experience at the moment is moving very much towards turning up the signal and filtering out the noise. The only way this is going to happen is by incorporating the “human”…


Awesome Video on Stanford’s Robotic Car!

Just watched this awesome presentation by Sebastian Thrun from Stanford discussing his experiences on the robotics team that won the DARPA Grand Challenge, which is a competition run by the U.S organization, DARPA, to extend the field of research around autonomous ground vehicles. Sebastian talks about the journey of designing, developing, testing and running Stanley (their…


So That’s What They Call It!

Shane and I were having a bit of a laugh about some of the quotes from Borat (my favorite one being, “I will look upon your treasures, gypsy. This is understood?”), and he was telling me about this clown on MTV that used to insult people, and that the poor people being insulted had this look…