Put a Spring in your step!

My good friend and Object Consulting dude Kurt Heiz dropped me an email about a project he is embarking on that might be using the latest release of the Spring.NET.

Spring.NET is a port of the J2EE open source project, Spring. So what is Spring[.NET]? It’s when developers come of age, and run carefree and unclothed through the daisy filled meadows of Iceland! Scary image, I think so.

No, Spring[.NET] is a framework for providing two hot new goodies, Dependency Injection (well, that and a little more) and Aspect Oriented Programming. Now, my understanding of DI, or more specifically, Inversion of Control Containers, are that they allow you to manage various polymorphic classes without having to worry about object instantiation and internal dependencies or references. The next is Aspect Oriented Programming, or AOP, and this is simply the ability to retrofit existing code with new cross-cutting concern features without interrupting your code base. Again, very cool stuff. Now, Swing[.NET] also has some nifty Model View Controller capabilities too, and they are tre cool, but from an architecture point of view, the IoC and AOP stuff is where you’re gonna get mileage.

Anyway, download it, check it out, find your closest daisy filled meadow, and have a great Christmas!

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