Dev’garten is slowly growing!

So the last part of the Dev’garten arrived today; my shiny new Shuttle XPC running a dual-core 64Bit Intel Pentium D processor. This machine is the bomb, and is already up and running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition x64! It’s soo quiet (compared the big server) that I barely know it’s there (yeah right). So if I have 2 new 64–bit dual-core, hyper-threading workstations and a similar spec server, why do I need the same gear in a Shuttle? Because I can!! Ahahahaha…uh ehem, my apologies. This one is my new demo machine, so that I can install the very latest and greatest client/server software we have, and start cranking out some quality 64–bit, multi-threaded applications on .NET and Windows Server System (can’t wait to see how DLINQ performs).

Also a big thankyou to David E. Jones, Louise Dean and Herbert Hon from Intel and Allen Lee from Shuttle for being so generous in donating all the hardware that makes the Dev’garten possible. Now all we need to do is get the machine images built and tested, and we’ll be ready to launch the whole kit and kaboodle.

Wow, next year should be a real doozy; not only will we have some wild hardware for Melbourne developers to play around with, but I’ll be able to put together some rather interesting lunch time sessions too. If you have any requests for demo’s, send me an email, I’m more than keen to please!

Have a great weekend babies!




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  1. Les (Monash Uni) says:

    Shuttle PC’s rock, I run one here with a Dual Core 3ghz, and its pretty sweet. Ive had trouble trying to hook up internal USB devices tho, as the USB connection inside the box has some crazy small adaptor which I have been unable to find, and shuttle never responded to my emails. Anyway, looks sweet Dave!

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