Movember!? Mo’ Definately!

I cop a lot of flak for my less than frequent shaving habits (my face that is!). In fact, in one conversation I’ve had with Mike Lipscombe about getting a little avatar character produced, he recommended using a well known trademark…”How about your 5 o’clock shadow!”…what more can I say.

So, to ensure I have a valid excuse for not having to shave my whole face, I’ve registered for Movember! Now, it’s pretty simple, start November with a clean face, then grow a mo’ throughout November, and raise money in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

So I need sponsors, an in turn, I’ll grow one of the wickedest mo’s known to history. Not only that, I will parading my mo’ across the country as part of the Ready Launch Tour! Woohoo! So how do you support my mo’tastic endeavour?

Click here and follow the instructions, then leave me a comment to let me know 🙂

My Mo Bro Rego Number is :

  • 3101

Also, check out:

I’m selecting my style from here 🙂

Comments (7)
  1. I’m in for a tenner …

  2. Yil says:

    Good on ya Davo for your contribution to raising awareness (and money!) for such an important cause!

    Look forward to the Fu Manchu!

    p.s. I donated $10.00 bucks (with your credit card!!) xox.

  3. JL says:

    Very worthy cause Davo. I will donate $100 to the fight against lung cancer if you will grow a pigtail to match the fu manchu!

  4. Ben Walters says:

    Hey Davo,

    Not only will I chip in a 20 but I’ll also be sure to wear my "Manly Moustache" to the Melbourne Ready Launch Night to make sure you don’t feel out of place :o)

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Mate i am joining you on this quest.

    Will be registering today

  6. Sarah & Chris says:

    Good Luck Dave! Here’s $10 for the cause.

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