Feeds Rob!? Don’t you code!?

Rob Farley, a.k.a Wild Larry, has caught sight of the hardcore screen configs for sale at L (the Athens Display Series).

I remember there used to be a game called Ninja Warriors, that had three monitor screens, that the game scrolled across, was so hi-tech back in 1988!

But what I want one of these screens (I’ll take the four config) for is coding! Imagine running your tool windows, code windows, browser, mail, the works, all on one mutha of a screen. And you could even have HL2 perpetually open!

Now that’s my kinda future Rob 😉

Comments (2)

  1. Rob Farley says:

    Oh, absolutely… but 2 tends to do me for that. I don’t want to run most of my coding windows run at 1600×1200. Although I guess if you have your text size set for demonstrations, then you might need it that big. 😉

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