Ben’s got soul!

I just got back from the lunchtime devmo in the city, where Nigel Watson and Martin Granell presented on the Enterprise Library. It was awesome to see the blocks in action, the one bit I really liked was the bit about the configuration block detecting when a underlying config file is changed, and raising an event that you can respond to in code. In the example Nigel had, he was dynamically building a form menu using a config file, so when the menu option list changed in the config file, the UI would refresh itself…I’m excited!

Following the presentation, I bumped into Ben Walters from SDM (Ben, where’s your blog matey?). He and Clarry were having a chat about Clarry’s upcoming trip to Tioman for the INETA summit, and usual, Clarry was complaining about having to share a room with me (he wants me to accompany him around the world, but is ashamed of my cherub like features).

Now, for those wandering whether I accidentally had some dirt on my camera lens, or are not sure what is hanging off Ben’s bottom lip, it’s his swinging soul patch!! That’s right, Ben was the winner of the last lunchtime session, and proudly displayed his facial hairness with pride. Good work Benny!

So after everyone left, I checked my mail (I love GPRS and Exchange over Active Sync), and what I found both shocked me and exhilarated me. What awaited my eyes was the gauntlet, thrown down by Frank Arrigo; Geek, Blogger, Boss! I won’t go into the specifics (as there weren’t really any, but that would just spoil my story) of the email, but Franky is convinced that his session at TechEd is going to be more popular than me and Chris’. Franky, be careful, Chris’ Italian background is well known, you may find Khartoum’s head in your bed!

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  1. Well dave you asked for it and here it is the link to my very own blog I warn you there’s not much on it at the moment but I plan to be posting some of my Info Path findings soon. As for the name I’ll fill you in where that came from latter



  2. Uncle Dick says:

    Dave, let me share with you another life lesson. There are Italians and there are Sicilians. Watch the Godfather puppy dog and you will see why I’m backin Franky boy.

    Anyway, us Yoda’s always get the laughs when we move and shake our butts.

    PS: i’m still lookin for a gig at teched and i’m keen to try my ASL Class. Bring back Arithmetic Shift Left!

  3. Two things:

    1. Good work Ben, I’m looking forward to comparing notes on InfoPath development, as I’ve been working on this InfoPath/VS 2005/MapPoint demo for TechEd, and certainly need a hand!

    2. Uncle Dick, your ASL class, together with your intimate knowledge of enumerated types will surely see you deliver the keynote at Tech.Ed this year! BTW, where’s your blog man!?

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