You think you’re bad blogger! Richard Q’s got it on you!

I’ve been hit with the blogging fever, and over these past few months, I’ve been churning out the posts quicker than Kevin Bacon’s feet in Footloose. But I was given a curt reminder by one of the ole’ dawgs of the Microsoft mantle, about how it was “back in the days”.

Richard Quan, a.k.a Clean Liver, a.k.a Yoda, a.k.a Hot Harry, came by my desk to give me the word, “You think you’re bad blogger!? Well let me tell you little sumthin’ sumthin!”.

Mr.Q then went on to tell me about his early years (circa 1997) as a BBS bad boy, staying up late on the old Wildcat systems, sharing bikini model pictures with other pimply faced geeks (Rich was about 35 y.o at this point) and plotting the down fall of the local Telecom PSTN exchange.

It brought back memories I must say, in fact, my first job in the “industry” was managing an EDI gateway built on BBS technology, ahh those were the good ole’ days…NOT!!! I thank my lucky stars that I’ve “grown up” during a time where rapidly emerging technologies built upon high-speed Internet infrastructures are at my fingertips. Even though Rich’s reminiscent tears moved me to a bout of uncontrolled and uncomfortable machismo Hooah’s, I still likes what I gots.

So to all those who are enjoying the goodness that all the new technology is bringing, Cheers! To those hanging out for the return of the Bulletin Board System and apricot colored denim shirts, Hooah!

(Btw, Richard Quan is an absolute legend, and one of the funniest guys in the Melbourne office, and his new found gusto in learning C# is one of the finest displays of true coder enthusiasm I have seen in a long time, keep on keeping on Rich 😉

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  1. Johann says:

    For a bit of nostalgia "<a href="">BBS: The Documentary</a>" is a good watch.

  2. Rich "uncle dick to you" Q says:

    Post 0,283269: 9600 Bored, ding ding ding.

    Dave, why do I feel so blessed to have finally gained the respect of you dev heads that I get a mention on your msdn blog?

    I feel so liberated that I’m ripping my Acoustic Coupler out of the closet. And by the way, Wrangler denim shirts were way after my time mate. Try the "Golden Breed" check shirts with the press stud buttons; they were so way cool that the chicks would just jump on you to rip your shirt off in well under a second.

    My prize piece is of course my Digital AltaVista shirt.

    Mate, I just can’t put down this C#/.NET book! The wifey thinks it’s another Dan Brown book.

    This MSIL thing is so like the p-code I used to generate in my Pascal parser/compiler days and while Intellisense ain’t quite like my emacs editor I "kinda like it"… well, "I love it". I only wish I had it for my prolog and lisp days. I actually had a stutter for some time but I’ve lost that when I parted with the 80 Column card for my Apple IIe.

    Actually, my last project at school was "Attribute Progation in Language Oriented Editors".

    Hooah! Group Policy, Volume Shadow Copy move over. VSTS is in town!

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