Send Jeff a postcard, and he’ll send you a Channel 9 Guy!

Hey, check this out:

Jeff reckons that if you send him a postcard (a real paper one, eCards don't count), he'll send you one back, and a Channel 9 guy (my C9 guys name is Clarry)!

So make sure you send a postcard to Jeff, and remember to ask for your Channel 9 guy and include your return postal address (or the little guy might end up in the ether). Also, tell 'em Dave sent ya for a free meat tray 😉

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  1. JeffSand says:

    No need to include the return postage, we’ve got that covered. :->


  2. P. says:

    One from Belgium on it’s way.

    My Mansion definitely needs a C9-Guy…

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