Due to popular demand…I’ve re-blinged my blog!

The last straw was the ugly throw down that occurred last week between me and MC Grammy E regarding my old background. First there were the snide remarks, then the post-it notes on my desk, and finally, the slap and scratch fight in the tea room. So to ensure I won't have to fix my weave again, I've re-blinged my site...until next time ;>

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  1. that is truly, truly, terrible!

  2. frankarr says:

    omg !!

    wtf r u thunking??

    at least you dont have bombers eveywhere

  3. davidlem says:

    From you two, I take that as a compliment 😛

  4. jgeurts says:

    It’s designs like this that make me happy that I read the posts via RSS….

  5. Chris Vidotto says:

    It only goes from bad to worse with you Dave 🙂 Are you trying to take the focus "off" your content? he he

  6. davidlem says:

    After looking at the background for the past few days, I too became overwhelmed by its gaudiness. I like this faux glass look better now 🙂

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