Need I say more?

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  1. hob says:

    photostory of famous peeps.. nothing xbox in it… lame…

  2. davidlem says:

    LOL, sorry about that, I was just pinging everyone to make sure they knew about the MTV broadcast.

  3. reza says:

    hey dave, reza from today’s lecture at melbourne uni (the cms dude)

    thanks for coming and giving the lecture, we really appericiate the hard work put in.

    as for xbox 2, there is nothing that has not been revealed really 😉 as you would know, the world+dog now has specs and pics all over the place… i wonder whats gonna be left by the time they reveal to the public at E3 hehe.

  4. davidlem says:

    Hey Reza, thanks matey, I always love catching up with the uni crowd, they have some of the best insights into where the technology should be going, and what sucks about where it is. Very cool. Also, your CMS concept sounds great, please keep me tuned.

    As for the XBox2 stuff, it’s going to be previewed @ 7pm tonight (Oz time). I’m still trying to find some links to webcasts for those who can’t get MTV.

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