63 more reasons to switch to Cobol.NET

Check this out:


Fujitsu has announced that they will be releasing V3 of their NetCOBOL product to align with .NET 2.0! That is soo cool, not only that, it will be the first version to support 64 bit machines.

Anyone out there who is working with Cobol in some shape or form, give me some feedback, what are your thoughts on this kind of technology?

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  1. Keith Williams says:

    As a long time COBOL developer (30+ years) as well as a recent microsoft developer, I can only say that I wish I could get more people to appreciate the sense in staying with known languages. It is much easier to convert COBOL proggies to use COBOL .net than to any of the microsoft visual tools. There are companies spending £millions converting perfectly good applications to java etc, when with significantly smaller effort, those apps could be ported onto COBOL .NET !

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