Chris and I are bizzy talkin’!

My good friend Chris Vidotto and I are going to be traveling around the country side (Oz that is) delivering talks on InfoPath and BizTalk Server 2004 development. Chris has been busy getting the BizTalk Van ready for the trip...

And I've been busy developing a set of ASP.NET web services to help people to get/set information in their Active Directory, and for everyone that comes along the the sessions, we'll be giving the code away! So click here to register, and we'll bring the bus around...whoo whoo!

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  1. Sean Gahan says:


    Do you guys plan on driving that thing to the states? Also, the plad background rocks!



  2. davidlem says:

    LOL, wouldn’t that be great Sean, touring around the states in a pimped out veedub.

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