Anon?? What the?

Just a quick whine...why do people post comments:

A) Anonymously?

B) With bogus details?

I'm interested to hear from folks on this, as it's quite peculiar. I love getting feedback about my posts, but it's really frustrating when you want to find out more about the person contributing, only to find they are either cloaked in anonymity, or just put in junk details.

I fully understand that not everyone has a web reference (blog, website, etc), but even just your name gives you an identity, and gives your comments context.

So please leave some details next time you comment, it makes a big difference.

P.S: Thanks to George C for alerting me to the fact that my blog had comments turned off for non-authed bad 😉 It's fixed now 🙂

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  1. fgsdfg says:

    Some people are just too lazy to fill in those fields 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some people comment anonymously because they are employed, and posting to a competitor’s blog would look bad 😛

  3. Marc Bruce says:

    Anonymity – well it is the internet after all.

  4. Bruce McLeod says:

    David, I agreee 100%.

    I think that the constant deluge of spam over the last few years has had something to do with it.

    I have gotten into the habit of constantly entering fake details into any online form, just because you really don’t know where they will eventually end up.

    So when posting to blogs, you have to mentally de-tune to not use that behavior, and post your real details.

    Which also reminds me, I have to finish coding the comments engine for my own blog. 🙂


    Bruce McLeod

  5. Anon Y Mous says:

    Having seen that usenet posts I made a dozen years ago are still prominent in google searches, I now try to err on the side of anonymity in my postings unless I’m confident it’s something I want my great grandchildren to be able to know that I wrote. (I’m actually fortunate that most of my early usenet posts were actually fairly thoughtful and well written, but I don’t trust myself to be able to continue that standard today).


    (BTW, if the comment is something that I think the blog owner might want to follow up on, I will generally also provide my real email address via the blog’s contact link)

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  7. Jeff Parker says:

    Well, I post anon even though I fill in the fields. The reason is I read the MSDN Blogs through a RSS Agrigator.

    As a security measure my aggrigator does not support Javascript, Cookies, flash the normal stuff you get from viewing it in a web browser. Nor does it support passport or anything else. I don’t see your background, your fonts or anything else that might distract me from the actual content of your blog.

    The Advantages I get the content of your blogs. This allows me to read them offline at my leisure sort filter and search through them. In a presentation much like notepad, just the text and any images inserted in your text posting. Just the content, fast clean, direct and to the point.

  8. James Hancock says:

    Of course lots of people post anonymously. Like I want my name all over the place on all of the search engines… Google can really give you a good overview of someone just by typing in their name and seeing on the responses to other people’s blogs. That’s not a good thing thanks.

  9. davidlem says:

    Thanks for the good feedback everyone, although, the posting with the link to the 9y99 site was a little peculiar.

    The perspective about the google thing is a really good point, I know google’s memory is like that of an elephant, I can imagine it would be hard explaining ones interest in Shaka Khan to your grandkids.

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