[*Sob* *Sob*] OK Frank, I confess!

It all started with some scuttlebutt around the Linux camps (I'm hot news with them you know), "Hey have you heard, Lemphers finally came across". I shrugged it off as you can imagine, I mean I get hundreds of calls a day from reporters looking for bytes, "Weren't you seen with a Java developer having coffee at Gloria Jeans", or "We heard you were shopping at the Apple Store with your girlfriend on the weekend", they allege.

But something happened to me this morning that really has me worried. A package was delivered to my home, and it was a dead fish, wrapped with the picture below. Now, I don't know many people of Italian origins, but my sources tell me it's a message.

Please Frank, don't make me sleep with the fishes...I promise I'll leave the penguin alone :'(

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  1. Frank Arrigo says:


    you know what they say — Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

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