Kiss my ASP!

The other night I was out having dinner with my girlfriend at this really nice Thai restaurant, having a conversation about the unit testing framework available in VSTS. Well, you can imagine how insulted I was when the cook overheard us, and shouted out, "Yeah, but what about ASP.NET!!".

"What about it!" I shouted back, and then what erupted can only be described as a flurry of fists and satay skewers, needless to say, my Pad Thai took a little bit longer to cook than usual.

If only I had known about this great project underway called NUnitAsp, there would have been no need for the sauce shed. NUnitAsp works by downloading and parsing the ASP.NET page, and is capable of interrogating a pages controls. It currently supports only server side logic, however, will provide a great toolkit for ASP.NET developers looking to move towards the test-driven development model.

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  1. Don says:


    Do you know of anything like this for WinForms?


  2. Off course 🙂

    And wouldn’t you know it, it’s called NUnitForms.

  3. Don says:


    You rock!


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