Visual Studio 2005 February CTP

There seems to be a fair bit of confusion around regarding the Feb release of the VS2005 CTP. It is available via the MSDN subscribers download section, however, I haven't seen it anywhere else on the web.

It was released on the 3rd of March for those who are interested 🙂

If you are an MSDN subscriber, you can find the latest build under Developer Tools, Visual Studio 2005.

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  1. Hmm. It wasn’t as hyped as the others before, and it was released just right after it was quietly announced. If you had tried the Nov CTP, this build feels similar to it.

  2. It’s similar to the Nov CTP except it’s more stable, but it’s missing Source Safe <frown>

  3. Hmm…still don’t see it on there – I have Nov, Dec and Beta 1 but no sign of Feb…

  4. Yeah, it seems to be only available to subscribers with Universal subscriptions. I will post more when I get more information 🙂

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