Hey Network installers, need a Cool way to cut a square hole in a skirting board?

While this has little to do with Data & I am far from a DIY dude. Just thought I’d mention the Bosch PMF180E All Rounder. Just cause it is such a handy tool.

I had some rot in my wooden deck & needed to cut out some wooden panels precisely on the joists. I tried a chisel & a whole lot of BS. It took me forever just to do one & I botched it. So I put it on the backburner, went back to my computer & did nothing more for months.

This Easter, my wife got very enthusiastic about me finishing the job. And so, with her by my side, I stumbled across this Power tool at the local H/W store (Bunnings).  It has a square saw attachment that you can see sticking out of the front in the picture below. It is so cool, cuts a straight line directly into wood, as fast as a hot knife into butter. Well as fast as you’d drill a hole in wood anyway.

It also has a ton of attachments I don’t care about; to sand, cut pipes, tiles, cut things flush etc.Bosch PMF180E

So if you install Network Ports in skirting boards or have any other reason to cut high precision rectangular holes in wood, plaster walls or similar, this is definitely something you should check out.

Be warned, cutting with this thing is kinda fun. The guy who sold me this was very insistent on my owning a modern cable & pipe detector. My wooden deck was outside so I didn’t have to worry about water or power. So I didn’t get one. But can now see why he thought it wise to own one. This thing would cut thru copper pipes & cables like they weren’t there. 😉

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  1. Mark Morton says:

    Hey David

    As I’m sure many other maths geeks will be telling you there are drill bits that cut square holes.

    Do the google (or should that be Bing!) thing and have a look at the Reuleaux Triangle and the Watts Brothers Tool Works

    See you around – maybe the next TechEd


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