TSQL Tips: Writing more efficient DDL (Data Definition Language) with system functions

  The internet is swimming with examples of really inefficient TSQL code. Just because everyone does it that way doesn’t make it optimal. I’ve already blogged about the issues you will find with NOLOCK hints, this post show that using system functions correctly can result in your Data Definition Language (DDL) running 3 times faster….


PreScan: SQL Schema Data Types

Continuing on from my previous post PreScan: SQL Database Schema Distribution this Scan looks at the datatypes used in the database you need to tune. Perhaps one of the less useful of the pre-scans it is still handy. It highlights the use of depreciated datatypes, new feature usage & uncommon design. So it really doesn’t…


How to: See SharePoint 2010 Data Connections from Excel 2010

  Recently I tore my hair out trying to create a great end-user experience for my Excel 2010 users when they access SharePoint. Eventually I found a way to get it to work. This is not a perfect post. I’m far from an expert in SharePoint & I’m hoping a sharepoint expert will comment &…


PreScan: SQL Database Schema Distribution

  At the very start of a performance tuning exercise I do a Quick Appraisal to assess what I’m dealing with.  This is one of a number of “information collection” scripts I run. This post shows (a) Code & (b) some ideas on insight you can get from it.   What are PreScans? When someone…


"How To": Performance Tuning – High Frequency Queries – Test Harness

  If I had a month free I’d like to do a brain dump on how to Load Test, Bulk Up data, find problem queries, refactor them with confidence etc. Then deliver it in one comprehensive guide. But that is unlikely, so I’ve decided to deliver little bits at a time then write an index…


Solution: Can edit, but can’t process, an Analysis Server Cube using ORACLE data

  Recently I was developing a SQL Server Analysis Server cube using Oracle as a data source. Weirdly the the development environment (BI Dev Studio) could see the Oracle schema & let me explore the data. But when I tried to process the cube or one of its dimensions, it died indicating that I couldn’t…


Handy Links for SQL 2008 R2 & .NET Development

This post is not about a unique body of work, it is just a list of links to materials I’ve found useful. I hope it may make it easier for me to point people here rather than have them write down or remember URL’s If you are looking for SQL Add-in’s, Utilities, Sample Code &…


Apple headline I’d like to see ;-)

Apple releases the iPatch for software Pirates ®  (pronounced Arrrh … me hearty’s!)   Note: This might not be true, but I think of it every time I hear the word iPad. Now you can too.   If I worked for Apple it would only be a matter of time before they shipped a range…


SQL 2008 R2 RTM’s check out the free training

Yes SQL 2008 R2 has reached a major milestone, on the 21st Apr 2010 the news went to the world SQL2008 R2 has gone “Release To Manufacturing (RTM)”. This means that the Development Team (& many others) have signed it off as complete. It then takes a few days / weeks to get it into…


Hey Network installers, need a Cool way to cut a square hole in a skirting board?

While this has little to do with Data & I am far from a DIY dude. Just thought I’d mention the Bosch PMF180E All Rounder. Just cause it is such a handy tool. I had some rot in my wooden deck & needed to cut out some wooden panels precisely on the joists. I tried…