Quick Tip: Add files to Visual Studio projects the easy way

Here's another in my series of "why didn't I know this feature was there".

While I was doing a technical review last week, I learned about a much easier way to add files to my Visual Studio projects.

In the solution explorer

  • Select a project
  • Click the "Show all files" button
  • Right-click on the desired file (will be shown with an empty document icon)
  • Click the "Include in project" menu item

This is so much easier than my usual technique (Add | Existing Item...).

Take care!
-- DK

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  1. Carl Russmann says:

    Interesting!  I didn’t know about this one (as I many don’t).

    Another use for this I’ve already found is checking through project folders for cruft that accumulates, like files that I thought I had deleted weeks ago.

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