[Off-topic] A present to myself

I don't often go off-topic on this site.  In fact, I probably start each off-topic post with the same basic statement.  Seeing that tomorrow is a national holiday in the United States, today seemed like a good time to take a little break here.

Yesterday, I purchased a Zune 8GB device and just have to give public kudos to the hardware and software teams.  This device feels and sounds great.  Everything I have listened to (from classic jazz to fusion to modern rock) sounds crisp and clean.

As for feel, it just feels.... right.  It fits my hand well and has just the right weight for my taste.  The device software adds to the overall experience.  It's very easy to navigate and contents of the device are easy to find -- even with hundreds of songs on it.

Quite possibly the best feature of this little device is the touch pad.  Sliding your finger from left to right selects the next song, right to left goes back to the previous.  Moving up and down adjusts the volume.  There is no clicking required, just a light touch.  You can click too, if that is your preference.

Nice job and congratulations to the Zune team!  You've produced a fantastic device.  I love it.

-- DK

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