Mark Prentice Introduces Store and Forward Messaging in .NET Compact Framework v3.5

Yesterday, Mark posted a 'Hello World' example using the Store and Forward Messaging technology which will ship with version 3.5 of the .NET Compact Framework (currently in beta). 

For me, this post is particularly exciting since it allows me to start talking about the feature that I have been busilly working on for the past several months - Store and Forward Messaging.

As Mark mentions in his post, Store and Forward Messaging is built on the Windows Communication Foundation and uses our new Email transport to enable devices to communicate with PC / Server systems as well as other devices.  For me, the coolest aspects of Store and Forward Messaging are that it makes devices addressable and I no longer need to worry about whether or not I have connectivity when I send or receive a message -- the email infrastructure takes care of that for me automatically.

If you are coming to MEDC 2007 next week, I highly encourage you to attend Mark and Sergey's session (APP325) on Tuesday afternoon.  They will be introducing Windows Communication Foundation for the .NET Compact Framework and Store and Forward Messaging.  If you would like to give Store and Forward Messaging a test drive while you are there, Anthony will be presenting an Instructor-Lead Lab (ILL317) on Tuesday (right before Mark and Sergey's session).

And, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention my own session during which I will introduce .NET Compact Framework version 3.5 and demonstrate the cool new features we will be delivering with Visual Studio 'Orcas' including Store and Forward Messaging.

Last October, Roman wrote about the Windows Communication Foundation and an application that he called the "Lunch Launcher".  Back in the early days of the .NET Compact Framework, I was one of the folks who was trying to implement a Lunch Launcher (I owned networking and web services testing back then).  This coming Tuesday, during my session (APP214), I will at long last be demonstrating a Lunch Launcher built on Store and Forward Messaging!  I cannot wait to finally get to show it to you.

Take care and hope to see you all at MEDC!
--- DK

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The information contained within this post is in relation to beta software.  Any and all details are subject to change.

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  1. Gopi says:


    Can this technique be used for a large scale LOB mobile application data transfer with SQLCE database at the device end

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