Best of 2006

I started this series last year and thought I would continue the tradition with my best of 2006 collection.

For me, 2006 was the year of the .NET Compact Framework Version 2 Service Pack 1.  This release added several new tools for .NET Compact Framework application developers -- including support for the MDbg command line debugger.  My first set of posts introduce and discuss our MDbg debugger extension.

Command Line Debugging Revisited - Part 1: Getting started with MDbg and .NET Compact Framework Version 2 Service Pack 1
Command Line Debugging Revisited - Part 3: Process Control
Command Line Debugging Revisited - Part 4: Attaching to Processes
Command Line Debugging Revisited - Part 5: The X Command

Among the other cool diagnostic tools are some very handy logs.

Using the Interop Log to Diagnose P/Invoke Call Issues
The Error Log: A New Diagnostic in .NET Compact Framework v2 Service Pack 1

Yes, the Interop log debuted in the original .NET Compact Framework version 2 release, but it is such a great resource, that I just had to talk about it some more.

Once again, I spoke at MEDC in Las Vegas and was able to share some great tips and techniques for .NET Compact Framework application developers.

Wrapping Unmanaged Resources
Determining the type of a device at runtime II: A single binary solution
Why do I get a NotSupportedException when updating a TextBox?
Application Performance: Value Type Boxing
MEDC 2006 Update: What went wrong in the debugging demo during APP326?

I finish my trip back through 2006 with two of my favorite tips.

The Value of a Code Review
'const' vs 'static readonly'

Well, that's it for 2006.  It's been great talking to you all and meeting as many as I could.

Take care and have a Happy New Year!
-- DK

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