Recommended Reading IV

It's been a while since I last recommended a book... in fact, it's been more than a year. 

There are a number of good books on how to write secure code, now there's one on how to make sure that developers have written secure software: Hunting Security Bugs (Microsoft Press, ISBN: 0-7356-2187) by Tom Gallagher, Bryan Jeffries and Lawrence Landauer.

If, like me, you test software for a living, this book is a must read.  If you write production code, I recommend you also read this book (it'll help you prepare for what your test developers are going to do to your product).

Time for me to get back to reading.  Enjoy!
-- DK

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  1. David Kline says:

    Last time , I defined testing as the ‘art of mitigating pain’. What I did not talk about is how to prioritize

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