MEDC 2006: Day 1 — Wrap up

The first day is done.  As I mentioned earlier, the keynote was this morning and had some fun demos.  Then came the hardest part of presentation day for me.... waiting for it to be my turn.  The session went quite well, mini-godzilla, the session mascot, took his place on the podium and it was underway.  Session mascot?  This all started, at last year's MEDC, when I was given a rather large plastic bug (I presented a debugging session) to bring along for luck.  I'm not sure what was funnier: the audience's or the airport screener's reaction.  I'm thinking the airport screener.  When I went through security in Seattle, last year, my carry-on bag went through the scanner on the belt, backed up, the attendant pointed out the screen to another attendant, smiled and sent my bag on it's way 🙂  This year, I was sent with mini-godzilla.  If I present again (next year?), I wonder what the mascot will be...

Back to the session... The room was full (around 250 or so) and I would like to express my thanks to everyone who attended.  It was a privilege to present again this year and to especially get to debut the .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor (shipping in the version 2 sp 1 beta).  The questions in the presentation hall were all very interesting, and thanks to Scott, who helped field a couple of them.  Afterwards, I had some great conversations with many attendees in the speaker cabana.  My previous session was at the end of the conference, so today (or is it yesterday already?) was my first real opportunity to experience the speaker cabana.  I liked it.  It's great to get some 1:1 time with the kind folks who stopped by.

After the cabana, I had a little down time before Ask The Experts.  After that, a quick break in my room and then a late dinner with some of the .NET Compact Framework team.

Before I forget... To everyone who attended my session: Thank you!  To those who have submitted feedback via the conference network: Thank you even more!  For those who have not yet submitted feedback, please take a few minutes to do so while you are at MEDC.  I read each comment and rating and use the data to tune future presentations (improved content) and my delivery (there is always room to get better).

I think it's time to turn in.  I'll see you tomorrow.

Take care,
-- DK

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