T+10 years: Windows 95

Ten years ago, as Raymond has mentioned, the Windows 95 team was hiding backstage at the launch event.  While memory has faded a little, I believe I was in the red quadrant (the team members were given either a red, green, blue or yellow shirt) listening to the festivities.  I was also one of the lucky ones to have received a launch ticket, still unused -- I wonder how many still exist, there are at least two (mine and Raymond's).

Later that evening, my wife and I were out at the store to pick up a few supplies and there were Windows 95 banners hanging everywhere.  Back in 1995, I was a bit surprised to see software advertisements in stores other than computer / software stores.  It hit me, then, just how big Windows 95 was... I saw shopping carts with clothes, groceries, toys and copies of Windows 95 in them.  Very cool.

Before the launch, the team had been given patches (a Start button and a Windows 95 team member logo).  I had gotten mine sewn onto a denim jacket.  In 1995, while wearing it, I had many many people stop me and comment on how cool Windows was and to say thanks.  I had only experienced that one time previously (after MS-DOS 6 shipped and I was wearing a T-Shirt with the logo on it), but never to this extent.

Happy Anniversary, Windows 95!
-- DK

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