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I am often asked what technical books I have read and recommend. Today, I'm starting a series where I talk about some of my favorite technical books. When I discuss a book, I will try to provide at least the publisher and ISBN to make it easier for those interested to find a copy.

First up is Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming by Jeffrey Richter (Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-1422-9).

I have been reading Jeffrey Richter's books since the first edition of Advanced Windows. Who would have guessed that reading about Kernel Handles and similar topics could be so effortless. The same is true for Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming.

This book lays a good foundation for all .NET application development: from reference and value types through garbage collection, AppDomains and reflection.

This is the first book I recommend to everyone who asks (and even some who don't) and is the book have people read when I mentor them.

Happy reading!
-- DK

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  1. Tobin Titus says:

    That’s funny you said that. The other day I was talking to Joe Duffy and Kit George about some good under the covers books. I asked them if the Jim Miller book ( was any good. He said it was a must! Joe/Kit also recommended "Shared Source CLI essentials" if I wanted the really know the details and finally recommended the book you mentioned in this post. Thanks for the post.

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