What was that cool thing you just did? – Addendum: Clearing the command history

I was at a retirement party recently when, as often happens, talk turned to the "old days".  I was talking to one of the attendees about doskey and how useful it still is.  He asked, "Have you ever used Alt+F7?".  I had to admit that I hadn't.  When I got back from the party, I gave it a quick try.

I must say that I have found another command line time saver.  For those who read my original doskey post, you will remember that I'm quite fond of using F7 / F9 to navigate through my command history.  Anyone who has worked in a Command Prompt window for a significant amount of time will notice that the command history can get lengthy at times. 

How does Alt+F7 help with this?  It clears the command history for the current Command Prompt window.  I think of Alt+F7 as doskey's version of the cls (clear screen) command.

Now, whenever I find myself scrolling through a command history that has grown too long, I use Alt+F7 and retype the command(s) that I need (which are now conviniently a brief scroll away).

-- DK

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