Exciting news… New CLR book by Steven Pratschner (NetCF Program Manager)

I just heard about (and got my hot little hands on a copy of) Steven Pratschner's new book on the CLR (Customizing the Microsoft .NET Framework Common Languate Runtime)!   Steven is one of the program managers on the .NET Compact Framework team and an alumni of the .NET Framework team and has spent a good long time working on the CLR for both teams. 

The book covers version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework and discusses how to (taken from the back of the book):
* Write your own CLR host - or customize the default host - to control startup and shutdown
* Use application domains and domain managers to isolate groups of assemblies running in a process
* Learn key strategies for loading and customizing assemblies in extensible applications
* Extend and customize the Code Access Security (CAS) system to help protect your extensible application
* Unload a domain without leaking resources - and help improve code reliability - using safe handles, critical finalizers, and constrained execution regions
* Use the host protection feature for application-specific programming model constraints
* Create and managed tasks with custom schedulers and thread pools

I have worked with Steven since he joined the NetCF team and can tell you he truly knows his stuff.  I'm sure you will find much of interest while reading his book.  I know I will.

Enjoy and "Congratulations" to Steven on the release!
-- DK

[Edit: Fix type-o in Steven's name.... sorry about that, Steven]

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