The old days…

Ben "Virtual PC Guy" Armstrong's recent post sent me back to my early days at Microsoft.  Back then (early 1990s) I was a member of the MS-DOS product support team.  His link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article was one I remember fondly.  Many times I walked customers through these instructions over the phone.  Customers with fax machines could also call our fax-back service and request a hard copy of the article - it wasn't quite internet easy, but it was pretty close 🙂 

Just for fun, here's another of my old favorites (Requesting MS-DOS Version Number with DEBUG).  Give it a try the next time you are running an MS-DOS Virtual PC session.

-- DK

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  1. Roger Heim says:

    I like the Applies To section of that article about retrieving the DOS version number. "Microsoft MS-DOS x.xx Standard Edition."

    Like there was ever a Premium Edition. How about "MS-DOS Enterprise Edition." 😉

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