Rhubarb and the strawberry debate

Sorry if this seems a bit random... but, hey, tomorrow's Friday 🙂 

Funny things are known to pop up in meetings.  Today's was rhubarb pie and whether or not strawberries belonged anywhere near.  I'm a "don't even think about getting strawberries anywhere near my rhubarb pie" person. 

How about you folks?  Are you rhubarb or strawberry-rhubarb?

-- DK

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  1. Rachel Reese says:

    This is a crucial topic to one’s well-being. Seriously. 🙂

    I’m up for either one depending on how much excitement i want. The strawberries help mitigate the tartness of the rhubarb nicely, but sometimes it gets overdone and you think, "gee, this tastes like *strawberry* pie. that sucks." But sometimes you just want your tastebuds to pucker up and handle the rhubarb.. as with almost any food (or any *thing* for that matter), if it’s done right, it’s great, either way.

  2. Mark says:

    DK –

    I like strawberry-rhubarb. My wife makes a strawberry-rhubarb pie that is out of this world. She says the trick is the rhubarb needs to be fresh though, otherwise the texture is terrible things get too mushy.

  3. Steve Hall says:

    I feel compelled to chime in with a confession: I HATE rhubarb! Blame my grandmother, my mom, and several aunts for this. They used to all grow both rhubarb and strawberries in their gardens, but would INSIST on RUINING perfectly good strawberry pies with that…that…that POSER for a fruit!

    I could never stand the tartness of it and always got a kick out of my grandma and ma piling about 3-4 cups of sugar and corn syrup into the bowl trying to sweeten up the stuff before putting it in the pies for backing. Believe me, their rhubarb pies were eyeball-watering, toe-curling TART… I think it had a lot to with the soil.

    Also, it had a lot to do with my parents and grandparents having grown up in the south (West Virginia) and having that southern habit of ruining EVERYTHING by: 1) blanching it death (driving all vitamins and minerals out of it), and 2) drenching it in VINEGAR… They’ll ruin spinach, brocolli, brussel sprouts, corn, beans, etc. this way. Rhubarb is the one thing they don’t have to ruin this way to get that kind of taste. Hence, southerners just LOVE rhubarb…(no blanching! no vinegar necessary!)

    I’ve since tasted rhubarb grown out here on the west coast that’s not all that bad… Maybe there’s some hope for me, eh?

    The funny part is that even though rhubarb grows like a friggin’ WEED, is a lot heartier than strawberries (since few insects or animals will go near it), and is a lot easier to grow, strawberry-rhubarb pies and rhubarb at grocery stores seem to always cost a LOT more than strawberry pies or strawberries. I’ve never been able to figure that one out… (A tart addiction tax?)

  4. Steve Hall:

    I would guess the expense comes from the producers of said pies trying to avoid a lawsuit from poisoning someone by accident: http://www.rhubarbinfo.com/rhubarb-poison.html

    as for me… i agree with Steve entirely on why i hate rhubarb… though i’m from Kansas, and my Minnesotan grandparents are the ones that grew it and ruined me on it.

  5. Steve Hall says:

    Holy bajeezie peezie! I knew the leaves were poisonous, but didn’t know the stalks had trace amounts in it! I’d also forgotten it was oxalic acid…(ew! I took enough years of chemistry in college to know THAT aint a good thang!) No doubt the oxalic acid is what’s keeping the critters from eating it…(the extreme taste is merely the "tell-tale" the animals learn to detect/avoid).

    This explains why a lot of people in my parents generation (who used to eat a LOT of rhubarb pies each season…for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!) have had kidney stones, but me and my brothers and 2 dozen cousins (who also won’t eat it) haven’t been struck. I always KNEW there was something EVIL about those plants!

    My uncle Bruce who used to put about 2 cups of raw rhubarb on top of his cereal each and every morning probably stopped when he had his first stone!

    HHuummm….I wonder if the grocery stores here in California are required to put a "prop. 65 toxic ingredients" warning label on it…

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