Going to see the Blue Angels

For those of you who don't live in the Seattle area, this weekend is SeaFair.  For me, SeaFair has always been the time to avoid going anywhere near Lake Washington.  The traffic, hydroplane race noise, etc usually keeps me away.

Two years ago, I forgot it was SeaFair (how on earth could that have happened?) and found myself down at the Museum of Flight.  When I got there, the crowds reminded me why the traffic stank but since I was there, I decided to stay.

Getting to see the Blue Angels up close was amazing.  While at the museum's mock air-traffic-control tower, I saw one of the planes taxi down the runway and ran outside just in time to see it take off!  Wow!

Tomorrow will be the third year running that I have made a trek down to the MoF and the second that I have taken my father (US Navy veteran).  This year we're going to try and watch them take off and land (the show takes place over Lake Washington, but you can see some of it from the museum).  If you ever get an opportunity to see this amazing flight team, be sure you do.  It's well worth the crowds and noise 🙂

Take care,
-- DK

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