RichInk control being removed from NetCF version 2

The .NET Compact Framework team is looking at removing the RickInk control from our version 2 product (it currently still exists, as of v2 beta1). 

For those not familiar with the RichInk control, it allows you to save the contents of the control in text/Unicode and in the Pocket Word Ink format (.PWI).  Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for saving the contents as a bitmap -- this would be the most useful format (allow preservation of signatures, etc).

Given the above mentioned limitations, we are planning on removing the managed RichInk control.

As of the beta 1 release of NetCF version 2, signature capture can be achieved using the Bitmap.LockBits() and Image.Save() methods.

If you have strong feelings with regards to this change, please comment here.

-- DK

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Comments (6)

  1. Daren says:

    I believe that this would be a significant loss. Users interact with their Smart Devices (such as the PPC) with a stylus and expect the ink recognition facility with which they have become familiar to be available within applications. I develop smart device solutions for the aircraft maintenance industry where there is a need for at-aircraft data capture and work certification. My user base have often requested the facility to "sign" for completion of work operations (clearly where the Save bitmap capability would come in handy) and would like to enter notes relating to discrepancies in manner similar to the PPC application "Notes". A production release of the RichInk control would deliver this capability (note that I have bugged the Recognize method as it fails on my test device – it works in the emulator however).

  2. Peter Foot says:

    Just a thought on the Recognise method – it requires Transcriber so only works on Pocket PC 2002 devices and above running the Premium or Professional edition (can’t remember the exact terminology used), this basically excludes some low end devices and those machines upgraded from 2000 which only had 16mb ROMs


  3. Mark Pitman says:

    I was very excited to see the managed RichInk control in NetCF 2. I had been writing a NetCF application where I was using the native RichInk control and it was quite a headache. I was able to convert it to NetCF 2 and replace the native control with the managed one very easily and I have much more capability now. If the RichInk control is going away, what would be the correct control to use to allow users to edit RichText and make small drawings in the same document?

  4. Mark Erikson says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the RichInk control also features RTF editing capabilities, right? (or at least RTF display capabilities, anyway). Based on that, PLEASE leave it in… I’ve got a product that I’ve been hoping to use the managed RichInk control in once the CFv2 comes out.

  5. If the control must go then why waste the progress made so far. At least consider moving the code over to OpenNetCF for release. You can be sure if you make it we will use it, IF you release it directly or indirectly. I think it would be a shame to have it just go unused.

  6. David Kline says:

    The .NET Compact Framework team is still considering removing the managed RichInk control (for reasons detailed in this post).

    Please note that this post has been modified due to an erroneous statement regarding the future of the native control.

    We appologize for any confusion this error has caused and we welcome your continued feedback regarding the future of the managed control.

    — DK

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