Programmatically accessing to OWA through Web Dav

Hello, I have been playing around a couple of days with WebDav and I found it really interesting how simple it was to retrieve and modify messages from OWA. WebDav (World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a standard that help us edit and manage files on remote servers through the http protocol. For…


Error when adding roles or features in Windows Server 2008

I wanted to add a new feature in my Windows Server 2008 but had problems when viewing the server management console:   “Server Manager encountered an unexpected error while collecting data about the status of this computer” when clicking in the detail link it said something like “Cannot open an anonymous level security token. (Exception…


Mocking HttpContext

I have been working on a proof of concept of unit testing with Visual Studio Team System for one of my clients. They were already familiar with the term unit testing, but up to now they have only seen some presentations/demos about it but they are quite unsure how to use it in their projects,…


Policy Injection App. Block simple sample

Now with the new version of Enterprise Library 3.0 we can play with Aspect Oriented Programming. The goal of AOP is to insert some functionality that is not “business related” without altering the existing code or to make it flexible enough so changes are smooth or even better, transparent. The idea is to intercept calls before and…


Encrypting long text asymmetrically

One of the recurring tasks that everybody has made in every programming language has been asymmetric encryption. With .Net it is very simple to encrypt data, it is well documented and there are lots of blogs and articles, but people still run into two common issues. The first one is what most people want to do is encrypt…


Generating documentation

  I have seen many projects with a lot of documentation and also projects with almost no documentation and almost none that have the right amount of documentation. Some methodologies require writing a lot of docs (planning, design etc …) before starting to write some code, those docs became the pillars and the foundation of…


Save the planet

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.Net Framework Source Code released

The .Net Framework 3.5 Source Code will be released later this year.(announced in This isn’t going to be a major revolution since the code was already “visible” using tools like Reflector. But now we will have the complete detail of the source code (private variables names, comments …) and we will also have the possibility…


First impressions of Visual Studio 2008

Now that there is a new release of Visual Studio I wanted to take a closer look at it to see which are the improvements and new features. I really wanted to get to the new stuff about Linq and the .Net framework 3.5. But I got lost fiddling with the new UI, specially the…



Ok, so here we are … In front of a blank page trying to write something. I hope this will happen only once. My goal is trying to post not very frequently, but at least regularly. This blog is aimed to my experience in the field, problems I have ran through (so you’ll not need to bother…