Cloud Security–Another Viewpoint

I recently wrote in a post that software as a service (SaaS) providers have economy of scale advantages over traditional IT and that IT must adapt to compete, eventually becoming SaaS providers of their own.  Cloud computing is a catalyst for the rise of SaaS since it nearly eliminates the scale-out infrastructure hurdles.  One commenter…

Where Does the Cloud Lead Us?

I work in IT.  Have you ever thought about the cloud paradigm shift going on in IT and where it eventually leads?  I can envision a future where everything is software as a service (SaaS).  Economy of scale drives it. Businesses are in business to provide value to their customers; they invest in core competencies…


Mechanical Bird

We are lucky that “building” software is so easy and cheap.  Imagine how hard it is to build a working mechanical system.  That is why I’m amazed by this mechanical Bird: What, you don’t agree that software is easy and cheap to build?  Consider Jack Reeves’ insight from 1992: