WP7CertInstaller Explained

WP7CertInstaller is a CodePlex project which includes the source code of a website to download your trusted root certificates from, a WP7 example showing how you include the certificate check / install functionality in debug builds, an Azure project for testing with a real device, and a batch script with commands for creating self-signed certificates. … Read more

WP7CertInstaller Prerequisites

WP7CertInstaller requires the Windows Phone Developer Tools along with the Windows Azure Tools for VS2010 1.3.  If you don’t have the Azure Tools installed you can uncomment the “#define NoAzureSDKInstalled” conditional compilation symbol at the top of WP7CertInstaller’s X509CertController.cs file, remove the reference to Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime, and forgo using Azure by only deploying to IIS. An… Read more

WP7CertInstaller Released

I just released WP7CertInstaller on codeplex to demonstrate a simple approach for installing Trusted Root certificates on Windows Phone 7.  This enables developers to use self-signed SSL certificates as is typically done in dev and test environments. You can find the release at: http://wp7certinstaller.codeplex.com/releases Be sure to read my post on the WP7CertInstaller prerequisites and… Read more

WP7 and Self-Signed SSL Certificates

While developing a Windows Phone 7 app that calls a WS-Trust authenticated web service I ran into a general problem with the phone blocking SSL requests to a web server which uses a self-signed certificate, the kind typically used on dev and test servers. The result was the EndpointNotFoundException containing a WebException with NotFound shown… Read more