Azure IoT Edge Preview 2 – Windows OS Version Prerequisites

The Edge documentation's Quick Start has a prerequisites section with a note specifying the OS version to use. This applies to both your development and edge servers. It specifically says to use the Windows Fall Creator Update / Build 16299 versions. This is also known as version 1709, for being released in September of 2017.

I ran into the issue when my dev box applied a mandatory upgrade from version 1709 to version 1803 which caused one of Edge's Docker containers to throw exceptions. The issue is discussed here.

Ultimately I settled on using an Azure VM created with the "Windows 10 Pro N, Version 1709" image for both my dev and device. I then disabled the Windows Update service to ensure I didn't get upgraded out of Edge's prerequisites.  I encountered the "Hostname cannot be empty or greater than 64 characters" issue and did the workaround described in IoT Edge's documentation.

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