Logging Azure Startup Task to WAD

Debugging startup tasks is very challenging so it is useful to log what they are doing.  Say that you have a ServiceDefinition.csdef file that looks like this:   <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <ServiceDefinition name=”Foo” xmlns=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/ServiceHosting/2008/10/ServiceDefinition” schemaVersion=”2012-10.1.8″>   <WebRole name=”Bar” vmsize=”Medium” enableNativeCodeExecution=”true”>     <Startup>       <Task commandLine=”Startup\ConfigureIIS.cmd” executionContext=”elevated” taskType=”simple” />     </Startup>     …  … Read more

Azure Service Fabric Announced

I’m very excited to see the Azure Service Fabric announcement!  My blog post from 2011, “Designed for the Cloud-it is all about State!“, was about the problem this technology solves.  In the post I pointed out the AppFabric Container which was were this technology was supposed to become publically available but never launched.  I had to wait four… Read more

OData Action Gets 404 Due To Periods In URL

Following the tutorial at: http://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/odata-support-in-aspnet-web-api/odata-v4/odata-actions-and-functions I encountered 404 errors until I noticed the tutorial says to change the web.config file.  My original web.config contained: <add name=”ExtensionlessUrlHandler-Integrated-4.0″ path=”*.” verb=”*” type=”System.Web.Handlers.TransferRequestHandler” preCondition=”integratedMode,runtimeVersionv4.0″ /> while the tutorial says to change the path property to “/*” like this: <add name=”ExtensionlessUrlHandler-Integrated-4.0″ path=”/*” verb=”*” type=”System.Web.Handlers.TransferRequestHandler” preCondition=”integratedMode,runtimeVersionv4.0″ /> It worked but then… Read more

OData Complex Type Containing an Entity Type Workaround

For OData Actions and POST I want to return a complex type which has a navigation property to an entity but that isn’t supported yet by Web API as Yi Ding replied to this question even though the v4 spec supports it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27207450/webapi-odata-v4-comlextype-cannot-have-an-entitytype As suggested I turned the complex type into an entity but the… Read more

Web API OData V4 Lessons Learned

Developing an OData service using Web API is relatively simple if you stay within the routing conventions.  This post shows you how to deal with pitfalls when your requirements require attribute based routing and non-standard entity keys. The goal is to add OData support to an existing Web API service that returns Person entities from… Read more

SysPrep Error Due to Windows 8 Store Apps

A coworker wanted a copy of my development VM so I SysPrep’ed it and gave him a copy of the VHD.  There were two challenges. First challenge was that my VHD is a differencing disk so I shutdown the VM and used “Edit Disk…” to Merge to a new VHD file.  This worked out well because I wanted to… Read more

AzCopy and the Azure Storage Emulator

AzCopy is now part of the Azure SDK and can copy files to and from Azure Storage.  I couldn’t find any examples of it copying to the Storage Emulator but it works.  Here is an example batch file I use: set Destination= DestinationKey=Eby8vdM02xNOcqFlqUwJPLlmEtlCDXJ1OUzFT50uSRZ6IFsuFq2UVErCz4I6tq/K1SZFPTOtr/KBHBeksoGMGw== set AzCopy=”%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Azure\AzCopy\AzCopy.exe” %AzCopy% FooFolder %Destination%FooContainer /S /BlobType:block /Y /DestKey:%DestinationKey%%AzCopy% C:\BarFolder %Destination%BarContainer… Read more

Using WebPICmd to Install an Older Azure SDK

To avoid regression testing I recently had to build a web role with a minor bug fix using Azure SDK 1.8 and Visual Studio 2012 even though SDK 2.2 and Visual Studio 2013 are the latest versions. I created a Hyper-V VM and it was easy enough to installed Visual Studio 2012.  Getting Azure SDK 1.8 was a little harder… Read more

.publishsettings Warning and Info

Use Azure’s ability to generate a .publishsettings file carefully.  The capability is described here.  Remember the Tribbles on Star Trek?  Well each time you call that publishprofile.aspx page you get another management certificate added to all your subscriptions until the maximum allowed is reached.  If you manage a lot of subscriptions, like I do, you can easily end… Read more

Azure Management Certificate Public Key / Private Key

// Today I’m exploring how the public and private keys created with MakeCert.exe are stored.  Earlier I wrote about the difference between SSL certificates and those used for Azure Management API authentication.  For this post I’m creating Azure Management API certificates. I use the certificate creation scripts from a TechNet article I helped create back in 2011.  Most… Read more