TS/RDC/RDP Failure in 2003/XP clients

If you are getting this error message when attempting to establish a Remote Desktop Connection (formerly known as a Terminal Services Client session) you may need to install the new 6.0 version of the client.   The remote computer requires network level authentication, which your computer does not support   http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/925876


Creating a report in X++ code and running

Here is a small job that demonstrates the main parts of build a report dynamically in X++ and launching it.   static void MakeReportJob(Args _args) {     #AOT     str reportName = ‘aaMakeReport’;     tableid custTableId = tablenum(CustTable);     TreeNode reportNode = TreeNode::findNode(#ReportsPath);     Report areport;     ReportDesign design;     ReportAutoDesignSpecs specs;     ReportSection section;…


X++ Server Threads

You can create threads in X++ to perform tasks in the background.  Here is a vey simple class that demonstrates the basics.   class ThreadDemo {     static server void main()     {         Thread t;         ;         new ExecutePermission().assert();         //BP Deviation Documented         t = new Thread();         t.run(classnum(ThreadDemo), staticmethodstr(ThreadDemo, run));    …