Live Meeting Error “An error has occured while creating an error report”

I was having the following bug with live meeting.  Immediately after starting live meeting a small dialog box would pop up with this error message.  The dialog was behind the main Live Meeting window.  In a few seconds Live Meeting would disappear.  The problem was caused by the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature for Windows.  Data Execution Protection helps protect against damage from viruses or other threats. Some programs may not run correctly when it is turned on.  In particular programs that used and older version of the ATL windowing library will fail.  The solution is to disable DEP for the Live Meeting.


  1. Navigate to Control Panel/System/Advanced (tab)/Performance (section)/Settings (button)/Data Execution Prevention (tab)/Add (button) 
  2. Navigate to the exe.  On my system it was here C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Live Meeting 7\Console\7.5.2302.14\PWConsole.exe 
  3. Click Open.  Click Ok.  Click Ok.

You can test the fix by going to


I had a similar problem with the Microsoft Document Imaging application.

Comments (7)
  1. Steve Pontello says:


    I have been wrestling with this problem for weeks and your solution finally resolved this issue.  A big thanks for this post!!!


  2. Jason says:

    Thanks David, this solved the problem for me too.

  3. Keith says:

    Thanks for the quick fix.

  4. Amol says:

    Thanks for the fix,it really helped me a lot.

  5. Ted says:

    Thank you David… this worked perfectly!

  6. Mike J. says:

    This also fixed my problem with Live Meeting 7.6.2525.10 on a Dell Latitude D820 notebook running WinXP SP2.  Thanks, David.

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