After almost five years, my blog has a name!

So I have had this blog since October 2005, and the entire time it has been named “David Ebbo’s blog”.  There were a number of solid reasons that had led me to choose this catchy name:

  • It’s a blog
  • It’s mine
  • My name is David Ebbo

Last December, I blogged with great excitement that I had picked not a new title, but a new subtitle for it: “The Ebb and Flow of ASP.NET”.  It was a week before xmas, there was almost no one at work and I might have had a drink or two, but for whatever reason, I came up with that brilliant name.  But that was just the subtitle, which is displayed in a small font that no one reads, so it went quietly unnoticed.

Today, I am taking a much bigger step in my blogging career as I’m actually changing the blog title.  Yes, the very string that makes or breaks a blog, the one that shows up in your browser’s title bar, the one that drives how much advertisement money I would get if only I had ads on there!

And the new name is… <% Angle Bracket Percent %>!  You know, like those things we have all over aspx pages and MVC views.  Hmmm, if I need to explain it, then it may not be as good a name as I first thought.  Now leave me alone, or I’ll stop following you on Twitter.

Update: ok, it appears that having “<%” as part of the title was not such a great idea, as it shows up as &lt;% is various places, which looks ugly.  So I dropped the <% %> and only kept “Angle Bracket Percent”.  I’m not sure if that makes it more or less lame, nor am I sure if I care.

Comments (5)

  1. Brian says:

    <% Angle Bracket Percent %> sounds like the  start of something big, as opposed to Percent Angle Bracket ( no <!– %> –> :).

    Excitted to hear more from you.. here & in a tweet or two.

  2. And that will work so well in feed readers… 😉

    &lt;% reads so well…

  3. David Ebbo says:

    Ok, I dropped the <% %> part.  See update…

  4. "Angle Bracket Percent" is cool because if you can’t figure it out you probably wont understand any of the content in the Blog posts… 🙂

  5. Colin says:

    lol 🙂

    I can relate to this – I’ve had a couple of blogs, and I find that the "easy bit" of coming up with the name is usually one of the hardest bits!

    I suppose it should come as no surprise that I am to blame for one of our applications being named "George" 😉

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