Workaround for update issue in the Dynamic Data preview

We found that  the Dynamic Data preview has a pretty nasty caching bug that prevents updates from showing up in some foreign key scenarios.  Marcin has posted a fix on his blog, so if you run into this, please check it out.


Answers to frequently asked ASP.NET Dynamic Data questions

Now that ScottGu blogged about it, we have received a number of great feedback and questions.  I’ll try to answer some them here.   Will this work with MVC? In this initial Preview, Dynamic Data is mostly targeting ‘standard’ ASP.NET pages, but we are absolutely planning to support Dynamic Data for MVC.  And the good…


Dynamic Data screencast is now available!

I made a screencast which walks through a basic scenario of using ASP.NET Dynamic Data in a simple site using Northwind.  It’s about 17 minutes long.  Enjoy and feel free to give any feedback here or in the forum.


Introducing the new Dynamic Data

Today, we released the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview, which includes the exciting Dynamic Data feature. A lot has happened since we released an early version of Dynamic Data Controls in the May ASP.NET Futures release.  While it was already an exciting feature, it was not very customizable and was limited to a small set of scenarios….


Dynamic Data Controls – the Present and the Future

As part of the May 2007 ASP.NET Futures, we released an alpha version of the Dynamic Data Controls.  You can watch my screencast to get a quick introduction to it.  The general goal is to make it really easy to create data driven web sites in ASP.NET.   While the current alpha drop is fun…