Hello together,

today is my last day at Microsoft. On the one hand, I am very excited about the upcoming time and my next chapter, but on the other hand I am looking back to 2.5 years full of impressive experiences and learnings.


The Past

I have been speaking at many conferences, delivered many workshops, discussed complex topics with IT teams, IT managers and even CIOs and it has been such a great experience.
Just take a look at my fancy laptop - these are only some of the stickers I gathered over the time. We together travelled probably more than 30.000 miles around the world!

Thank you

I want to say a big 'Thank you' to all the readers of the blog articles.
It has been a lot of work putting them together, but seeing all the great feedback and all the mails or LinkedIn messages I retrieved over the years, which encouraged me to continue or just contained a small 'thank you' message, have been payment enough.

What´s next?

In my next chapter I will do a complete reset. My new topics will contain: Cloud, AI, IoT, Big Data and many things more, and I am more than excited to take this new challenge and learn more great things!


You know - the real knowledge today is the passion to always keep learning!


The blog?

The blog will continue to live, but I will not be able to make any changes to it.


But never forget: IT is just like a small family, and you always meet twice in life! 😉


All the best,

David das Neves

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  1. Grischa says:

    Poor MSIT…. who takes off all the stickers again?
    Good luck on your new job.
    RIP PowerShell Guru No1

    1. Haha – it was kinda a torture for me to take them all off – also in a physical way!

      Thank you and see you soon.

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