The Windows 10 Link List

This page can be called with the short link: Blue marked links are very new and/or very important. edited: 16/02/2018 – fixed link Hi all, I created some time ago a link list of the most interesting links around Windows 10, which I also gave out to my customers as a Word-document. As you might…


Stability and Change – Why and How to adopt WaaS.

Hello everyone, Today I am writing you after my visit to the DevOps Days in Singapore. The intention of this article is to give you a very brief overview of the current changes in IT, which you really should be aware of: Why is Windows 10 not just a simple operating system as the previous…


LogFileParser with PowerShell

Hi all, I have created a sample project for the PowerShell Conference Asia 2017 to demonstrate PowerShell Classes and its possible benefit. The project ‘LogFileParser’ by itself can be quiet useful and is completely extendable by capabilities in terms of log file types and filtering functions and therefore I wanted to share it with you….


Some Tools of a PFE

Updated 10/16/2017   Hi all, I hope you are all well! Today I will give you a brief overview of the tools I need to use on a regular base. Chrissy LeMaire, one of the best SQL MVPs in the world, asked me directly via Twitter and also publicly via a Tweet to write down…


WaaS at MSIgnite – Official Rings and asking for Feedback

Hi together, today I am writing you with new official material and information from the Ignite and I want to ask you for feedback! You can download the current slides and videos from the Ignite with the same following script: Ignite Download Script The slides in this blog post can be found here: Servicing Windows 10:…


Automating Windows as a Service

Bold lines are important. Blue lines are most important. (read with care) TL;DR; at the end – if you need it. Hello together, first of all I need to apologize again for the length of this blog post, but I personally think that the following topics need to stick together to be understood into depth and I…


How to become a PowerShell Pro – v2

Hi together, nearly 2 years passed when I wrote my first “How to become a PowerShell Pro” article and today I am restoring it and presenting you the updated version!   First – Why PowerShell?     PowerShell is the main language to adopt any Service (Cloud / On Premises) on any device (Windows / Linux…


Update to the Windows as a Service Model

Hi together, as you have probably read in the news we have slightly modified the Servicing Model. This is the continuance of my previous article “Demystifying Windows as a Service – wake up! please.”   TL;DR; The Windows as a Service model has been simplified. Every OS Version is 18 months supported and the releases…


PowerShell Communities Germany

Hi together, today I have great community news! I want to inform you about a great movement in the PowerShell Community Germany: We have finally set up a central management for all Usergroups, Saturday Events and Conferences with PowerShell topics in Germany to finally increase the adoption of PowerShell.     But why PowerShell? PowerShell is the…


Demystifying Windows as a Service – wake up! please.

TL;DR; (“too long; didn’t read”) There are some people who don´t have the time to read the whole text – if you are familiar with the topic the text in bold includes the most important points and is just for you. Disclaimer: This is a recommendation article for Enterprise Customers to adopt WaaS in the…