AVCHD Recipe for Expression Encoder 2

I’ve been chatting with Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo about AVCHD camcorders and we discussed how to best implement an AVCHD workflow in Expression Encoder. I recently posted a "recipe" for how to import HDV footage and encode it using Expression Encoder 2, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to write up…


Hosting Videos on Windows Azure

This is going to be a series of long posts. With Silverlight Streaming (silverlight.live.com) being discontinued, I thought I’d write up the detailed steps required to host videos using Windows Azure. Since many people who host videos using Silverlight Live Streaming are not technical or development-inclined and rely on the Expression Encoder and Windows Live…


Anonymous Comments are OK

No one comments here, so I decided to enable anonymous comments as an experiment to see if the MSDN registration thing is a big turn off. Go nuts, but I get to approve them before they appear 🙂


How to Customize Expression Media Silverlight Galleries

  Expression Media 2 includes support for publishing your catalogs as Silverlight galleries. Felix Andrew, who is the architect for Expression Media, recently wrote a nice article on how to customize one of the samples that is shipped with Expression Blend 2. Felix and I shot an 11 minute video earlier this week where he…


Setting up Windows Azure for video storage

In this post, I assume that you have already provisioned a Windows Azure account and have an active subscription. Step by step instructions for doing this are provided here. The top-level post with a table of contents to all the related posts is here. 1. Go to www.azure.com and click on Account. 1. You will…


DeepZoomPix Coolness

MSN Brazil is using DeepZoomPix on their site show off pictures from the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. The DeepZoomPix photo exploration experience engages site visitors, which means they’ll spend longer on the site, which is boon to any site that uses advertising to support its pages. It is also novel enough that visitors are likely…


Free Expression!

Did you know that students can get Expression products for free? As part of Microsoft’s family of developer tools, all Expression products are available at no charge to eligible students through DreamSpark. For more information on DreamSpark together with information on how to download the products, please visit the DreamSpark site on Channel 8.


How to Retrieve Files from Silverlight Streaming (SLS) and Post to Windows Azure

This article is now of historical interest only since the SLS service is no longer available.  In this post, I will provide step-by-step instructions for retrieving videos and Silverlight applications that you had previously hosted on the Microsoft Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live Beta, which is being discontinued. 1. Connect to your SLS site by going to…


Embedding a Silverlight Video in a Blog

In this post, I will describe how to use Windows Live Writer to embed a Silverlight video into a blog post. You will need: (1) an active Windows Azure subscription, (2) an active Windows Azure storage service, (3) a Silverlight video player application with video hosted on Windows Azure, and (4) Windows Live Writer installed….


HDV Recipe for Expression Encoder 2

    If you shoot HD video using a tape-based camera, you’re probably shooting HDV. Assuming you don’t need to do extensive editing to your video, you can ingest these HDV tapes directly into Expression Encoder 2 using a couple of readily available programs.   HDVSplit HDVSplit captures the HDV stream from your camcorder into…