RAI Smooth Streaming

A nice demo of SD content using Smooth Streaming: http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/hd/raitvhd.html?v=1


DeepZoomPix Coolness

MSN Brazil is using DeepZoomPix on their site show off pictures from the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. The DeepZoomPix photo exploration experience engages site visitors, which means they’ll spend longer on the site, which is boon to any site that uses advertising to support its pages. It is also novel enough that visitors are likely…


CDNetworks Does Smooth Streaming

CDNetworks, a Korea-based CDN has introduced support for Smooth Streaming and it looks great! You can check it out for yourself by visiting http://www.nextsmooth.com. What’s particularly nice is the demo player shown above. You can see high-quality movie trailers, which have been encoded at seven different bitrates. In the screenshot above you can see how…


DeepZoomPix: a new way of experiencing photos

Today, we unveiled an exciting technology demo called DeepZoomPix. It enables you to experience a rich way of interacting with large numbers of high resolution photos. The best part is that you can use your own photos either by direct upload, Facebook or Flickr link, or an image RSS feed. The reason we built DeepZoomPix…


CTV Streams HD Content with Silverlight

CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster, has some great high definition content on their HD Beta site. Using Microsoft’s new Smooth Streaming technology, CTV is using Silverlight and Akamai’s CDN to stream high quality content with no stuttering. Not all of the content is geo-locked. You can check out both Corner Gas and Malawi’s Song from…


Broadcast News

Colleagues in the field highlighted a couple of nice broadcast news sites outside the United States using Silverlight. Even better, they aren’t geo-locked so you can have a play with them no matter where you are. And even better if you are French or Italian speaking – they are in your language! France Télévisions Infos…