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MSN Brazil is using DeepZoomPix on their site show off pictures from the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. The DeepZoomPix photo exploration experience engages site visitors, which means they’ll spend longer on the site, which is boon to any site that uses advertising to support its pages. It is also novel enough that visitors are likely to share it with their friends, causing the experience to go viral. Check it out at


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  1. renedepaula says:

    thank you, David, for your post!   I’m sharing it with our MSN friends right now!

    warm regards from the tropics

    rene de paula jr


    Microsoft Brazil

  2.   to felicíssimo: a iniciativa do MSN de utilizar o Deep Zoom Pix ( http://www.deepzoompix ) para publicar

  3. lance7 says:

    Why is it only for Brazilian MSN? I do not have this feature here in Europe

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