How to Force Expression Encoder 2 Express Mode

Expression Encoder Express is a free version of Expression Encoder. If you have the full version and want to force Express mode (for testing purposes perhaps), there are two ways to do so:

Registry Key Method



Object Model Method


Comments (3)

  1. Hi David…

    You sorta thru me off with this one.

    Why would someone want to do this?


       Mark Wisecarver

  2. dsayed says:

    Mark – the only reason you’d want to do this is to test that something you’re working on works OK with the Express version. Let’s say you’re an ISV and want to use Encoder functionality in your product but don’t want to require people to buy the full version of Encoder. You could ensure that your solution works within the limits of the Express version of Encoder and point people to download the trial of Encoder, which automatically goes into Express mode after 30-days.

     – David.

  3. That makes perfect sense, thanks bro. 😉

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