Cuts Editing

Here's a hot new feature that will enhance how we do cuts editing in Expression Encoder. We're looking at implementing this in a future version of Expression Encoder - check out the video! 🙂

Joking aside, this video shows the origin of the term "cuts editing" complete with razor blade and adhesive. I came across this footage on a site operated by former BBC videotape operators. Their site, VTOldBoys, celebrates the history of broadcast VT operation and editing and I applaud them for preserving these nuggets of broadcasting history. According to the website, the video itself was part of an internal BBC training video for VT operators made in 1967 and shot on film. There's also a sequence showing electronic cuts editing.

Next time you curse at the way you fat fingered an edit, your NLE or your computer, think about how far the technology has come.

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