How to Customize Expression Media Silverlight Galleries


Expression Media 2 includes support for publishing your catalogs as Silverlight galleries. Felix Andrew, who is the architect for Expression Media, recently wrote a nice article on how to customize one of the samples that is shipped with Expression Blend 2. Felix and I shot an 11 minute video earlier this week where he walks us through the process and shows the end result as well as all the steps in between.

Please note that the video is fairly high quality so that you can see the screens and code fragments. If you are on a slower Internet connection, either wait until you see the content bar at the bottom of the player turn dark grey or view the low resolution version here. The file size is about 160MB. Don't forget that you can double click on the player to make it full screen.

Do send us your comments on this - we'd like to do more of these for both Expression Media and Expression Encoder.

[Update on 30-Oct-2008] Please note that now that Silverlight 2 has been released to web, the templates need to be updated for these examples to work. We hope to make this update soon.

Double click on the video to make it full screen

The video was shot using our new Sony HVR-Z7U camera, which in addition to recording to tape also records to compact flash card. I edited it using Sony Vegas Pro 8 and produced the Silverlight video and player with Expression Encoder 2 at 720p using Ben's settings, which produce nice looking video with enough detail on the screen captures. The video itself is 160MB compared to an 850MB file WMV file I produced directly from Vegas.

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  2. Flexi says:

    David and I worked on a video about using Blend to customize Media Silverlight galleries!

  3. MountainDotNet says:


    Thanks for sharing the details about the camera, video editing software, resolution, etc. regarding this video. The quality was stunning.

    Consider, as just an idea for a future video, it would be of tremendous interest if you had a video presentation of the process and tech details of filming a video from start to uploading to silverlight streaming.

    I haven’t seen much in this area at all.

    Should I have missed a good how to video or a presentation link, please post any links you might be aware of on this subject.

    Thanks again

  4. prourke says:

    Followed the video exactly, copied the button-template folder to:C:Program FilesMicrosoft ExpressionMedia 2enPlug-insHTML Templates

    Launched EM2 SP1

    Dropped 6 photos -> Make -> HTML Gallery -> selected button-template got Invalid Template!

    Any suggestions?


    Chandler, AZ

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