Free Expression!

Did you know that students can get Expression products for free? As part of Microsoft's family of developer tools, all Expression products are available at no charge to eligible students through DreamSpark. For more information on DreamSpark together with information on how to download the products, please visit the DreamSpark site on Channel 8.

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  1. anony.muos says:

    What about Expression Studio 2.0?

  2. dsayed says:

    Expression 2 as well!

  3. Pierre Dinnissen says:

    Do you know if these are trial versions or complete versions?  I seem to be having issues with Encoder 2 believing it is a trial version because after installing SP1, I do not have access to H.264 encoding.

  4. dsayed says:

    We do not ship royalty-bearing codecs with the DreamSpark version of Expression Encoder. This means that you won’t get H.264 or Adaptive Streaming support when you apply SP1 to a DreamSpark licensed Expression Encoder 2 download.

    The only way to get that functionality is to purchase the full retail version of Expression Encoder 2.

    – David.

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